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This is my little corner of the internet, and of course I try to keep it nice and quiet. I have some of my work display here, but since my hosting is limited, I try to keep it as lean as posible. Enjoy your visit!

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Now a little bit about me

If you scroll until here, it’s because you want to know a little bit more about me, Javier Diaz (J.D.). So here is a bit of my story.

I come from a little Spanish town called Avila, famous for its magnificent medieval wall and many catholic churches. Although Avila is a wonderful place to grow up in, once I graduated the high school, I felt that my future was somewhere else, where I can pursue a career in science. The obvious choice was to move to the capital, where I was accepted at the Complutense University of Madrid and after a few years obtained a degree in Chemical Science, with focus on Material Science.

On the last year, I joined the course of Computational Chemistry, where I met my first programming language, MATLAB. I got fascinated by the amount of liberty a mathematical oriented programming language offered to develop your ideas and projects. This first contact make me start looking at computer programming with new eyes but when I finish my degree, I started looking for a job related to it.

Nevertheless all my plans where crashed by the economical crisis on Spain. To improve my English and earn enough money to continue my growth as a scientist and developer, I decided to emigrate to Norway and I started working in a hotel near Tromsø. Soon after moving there I met my girlfriend, a born traveller, who imbued me with the travel bug.

A year later, we decide to give a chance to become remote workers. We moved to Trondheim and we started to focus on building our brand, Inspired By Travel. And while I studied web development, JavaScript,  video and photography edition, my girlfriend focus on SEO, social networking and copy writing.

Then an opportunity for an internship arrived. I join the team of developers at Indeon (wpserved.com) where I apply all my up-to-date knowledge on JavaScript, and learn new technologies, like Node.js, Vue.js and Google Firebase.

And now, I am ready to move to the next step, and be a developer. Been able to work wherever and whenever. That's the dream and that's what this page is here for, to prove my skills.

Technical Knowledge

I.T. Skills.

  • HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.
  • Node.js, Vue and Google Firebase.
  • GitHub, Bit Bucket, Slack, BaseCamp.
  • Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, Premier and After effects.
  • NoSQL (Google Firestore.)
  • VBA for Access and SQL.

Science skills

  • Advance chemical analysis
  • Material Science
  • Computational chemistry
  • Abstract problem solving

Soft skills

  • Spanish, French, Scandinavian and Asian cuisine
  • Fast-paced work environment
  • Multicultural relations on work place
  • Fast change of schedules and reliability

Official Title

B.Sc. in Chemistry. (4 years University degree)

  • Knowledge of a large number of chemical and analytical techniques, including but not limited to: HPLC CCF IR Uv-Vis titration PAS Chemical reactions.
  • Preparation of paperwork, record keeping, supplies and equipment for use in any commercial and industrial area. Excel Visio PowerPoint ChemBioOffice
  • Recognition of abstract problems and objectives, approach development, analysis of results and providing recommendations. Definition Research Hypothesis Test Data recollection Conclusion Repeat
  • Knowledge of economic management of projects and industries, as well as bibliography in technical databases like: Scifinder PubMed European Pharmacopoeia.
  • Courses focused in Material Science, advanced methodologies in Analytical Chemistry and applied computing (MathLab).

BSc-thesis: “Microstructural transformations in Fe-Cr alloys" Developed in collaborating with the department of Material Science and Metallurgic Engineering of the Faculty of Chemistry and the department of Material Physics of the Faculty of Physics.

Additional certification

  • Javascript Algorithms And Data Structures Certification by FreeCodeCamp Functional programming and data manipulation.

  • Responsive website development by FreeCodeCamp Website planning and development.

  • DEV211.1x Introduction to HTML and JavaScript edX.org Online course (5 weeks) Fundamentals of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

  • Introduction to Project Management edX.org Online course (6 weeks) Practical ways to use project management skills in real life situation.


Internship at Indeon (WPserved.com). Knurów, Poland.

  • JavaScript developer. I have created several Node.js apps. I used Google Firebase, Vue.js, GitHub, Bit Bucket, Slack, Basecamp, using Visual Studio Code as code editor, in Windows and Mac.

Co-owner of Inspired by travel. Remotely.

  • Photographer, photo a video editor and website developer. I co-own the YouTube, Instagram and Facebook travelling media promotion brand with my partner. Additionally, we are contributors on Shutterstock, Getty Images and Adobe stock.

Internship at SINTEF. Trondheim (Norway).

  • Laboratory technician in the department of Corrosion and Tribology from the unit SINTEF: Materials and Chemistry. I assisted in the corrosion laboratory with the daily routines and preparing new experiments. Course in HSE and GLP.
  • Research assistant in the Reservoir Technology group at SINTEF Petroleum. I developed an internal database in Access for the use of the department personnel to keep track of projects and reports. Knowledge of industry software, and internal IT security.

Cook, Receptionist and waiter at Malangen Resort. Troms (Norway).

  • Cook:À la carte, catering, buffet, cold table and breakfast. Preparation of mise en place, control of stock and inventory and internal quality control.
  • Reception and waiter:Front desk operations, check in/out, bookings/e-mail management and ensure customer satisfaction. As I was in charge of last minute changes and customer assistance it proved my self-responsibility and independence. Waiter in big events and conferences. As part of my tasks I created a template in Excel to reduce the stock keeping time in the kitchen and reception. I acquire a detail oriented attitude. The hectic rhythm of workflow in a hotel proved my resilience and flexibility.

Junior Researcher. UCM, Madrid (Spain).

  • Development of the BSc-thesis: “Microstructural transformations in Fe-Cr alloys". Experience in Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy PAS (nuclear radiation technique) and Non-destructive testing, accomplishing a full understanding of the protocols and obtaining excellent results for the thesis and further investigation. This project required that I work methodically with regards to health and safety regulations (in radiation hazard environment) and pay close attention to detail in order to achieve accurate results. Knowledge of technical database research and bibliography. Work within an interdisciplinary research environment.

Administrative and postman at Correos SA, Madrid (Spain).

  • Reception, classification and delivery of correspondence. Proficient at managing time and schedules. Application of large range logistics, teamwork and corporation spirit


  • Spanish
  • English
  • A little bit of Norwegian

Other information

  • I enjoy travelling with my girlfriend and our dog. In 2016 and 2017 we enjoyed driving around Europe in our Volkswagen camper van, giving us the opportunity to know each place in the fullest. EU driver license B. Full availability to travel.

Now tell me something about you!